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Growing up in Colorado, Max learned at a young age how valuable life experiences are—from skiing and hiking in the Rocky Mountains to sitting around a fire pit with friends. 


He first saw magic at age six, sparking a lifelong interest in how things work, the value of storytelling, and how we interpret reality. 

Now, Max is a highly sought-after magician throughout the country. From private events for Google to theaters in D.C. and hostels in Thailand, Max is prepared for any environment. 


The pandemic made Max realize that it’s not magic that people lost. Or entertainment for that matter. What we lost—and ultimately, what we crave—is the opportunity to create memories with the people we love. 


When Max performs, he has two goals in mind: bringing people together, and creating unforgettable memories. Life is meant to be enjoyed—it’s Max’s mission to make sure that happens. 


Max studied at the world-renowned Tannen’s Magic Camp, where he won the junior and senior stage competitions. Notable performances include Caesars Palace, Disney World, Zero Bond, the Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater, and the Boston Magic Lab. Max also consulted on Magic on the Rocks, the first ever magic show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Tricks ought to enhance the story the magician tells. By rooting magic in something real—science, art, literature, music, current events—the audience can engage with the magician’s performance on a deeper level than simply asking: How did he do that?


- GW Magazine feature "Technological Wonder" 2019

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