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Welcome Back!

Two years ago I started a blog called “Everything I Don’t Know.” The name was accurate, in that I didn’t know much. I wrote about the process of graduating college and transitioning into professional magic in real time. Then I wrote about backpacking. Then I took a break. 

Over the past year and change, I’ve established myself as a professional magician in New York City. Parts of that process have been incredibly difficult and stressful. Parts of that process have been exhilarating and wonderful. Major highlights include: 

  1. Starting my show Stand-Up Magic, which now runs twice per month in Brooklyn and showcases some of the best comedians and magicians in New York. 

  2. Performing at the Magic Castle.

  3. Working a 6 month stint at Tannen’s Magic, the oldest magic store in the country.

  4. Doing 100 shows last year.

After a 15 months of working in New York, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. And rather than wait a decade and publish this in a book, I think this information is far more valuable in real time, where you can read about what is and isn’t working.

Nearly every day, without exaggeration, someone asks me what I do for a living. I tell them I do magic, and they say “For real? That’s your full time job?” And I can proudly answer that despite all the struggles, yes it is. And somewhere out there, are young magicians who are wondering if they can take their passion and turn it into a career. I want you to have real access to what that’s like—the highs and the lows. And for those of you who here because you’re just curious about following my career, thanks for following along. I’m really happy that you’re here.

So, I'll be transitioning this blog to Substack. The first few posts will come out on my website so that those of you who subscribe here can opt in. You can SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE HERE.

I’m also offering an option to subscribe to the Substack for $5/month. Subscribers will get two benefits:

  1. One subscribers-only post per month

  2. The ability to comment on all posts

  3. Any other special bonuses I come up with (free tickets to shows, discounts on merch, etc). This is still a work in progress.

There is absolutely no pressure to make a financial contribution. You’ll still get 75% of the material for free. But for those who want an extra post, or might simply want to support my work for a very low price, the option is there. You can unsubscribe and transition back to free at any time. 

I truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, so if I offer any ideas here that you like, they are yours to take. Posts will come out at 9 am EST on Fridays (except this one, because it would be stupid to waste a post on an announcement. So don’t get used to Mondays, ok??) We’re going to start this week with the importance of finding your voice on stage, followed by a similar article about finding your niche. Then, we’ll move onto how to win the mornings and, on the flip side, how to take an L. 

See you soon,


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