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  • What makes Max different?
    Max performs what he calls magic grounded in reality. This means that his shows are about you, the audience, and your interaction with the impossible. Max effortlessly bridges the gap between reality and fiction, creating compelling artistic performances. Max’s magic is inspired by psychology, science, art, literature, and pop culture. Like a good movie, his shows have clear themes, and an ending that is surprising and satisfying. Max is at his absolute best on stage.
  • Is magic right for my event?
    Max can’t say for certain without talking to you, but most likely, yes! Max carefully adapts his performances for your event and your needs, ensuring your guests walk away with fantastic memories. Contact Max to find out how to incorporate magic in your event!
  • How long do Max’s shows last?
    Max’s private shows are forty-five minutes of his best magic. If you request walk-around magic, Max can perform for several hours.
  • What’s the difference between virtual and in-person shows?
    They are entirely different shows! Max is not cramming his live show into a virtual format. Instead, he’s specifically created a show you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. The virtual show allows guests to experience magic with family and friends around the country, while his in-person shows are, of course, limited to one city at a time.
  • Why magic?
    Magic is an underperformed, but incredibly valuable art form—where else do you get the experience of true, child-like wonder in your daily life? Magic is and should be more than a mindless combination of tricks. It is a tool for creating unforgettable moments. Max guarantees that each guest will walk away awe-struck and inspired, and with a special memory of your event.
  • How much do Max's shows cost?
    Every magic show is different, and requires varying amounts of preparation. For example, a ticket to an evening show will be different from a corporate show, and Max prices his shows based on your budget and the amount of time the show takes to prepare. For a customized quote, contact Max!
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