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This is where I am now

I used to think mantras were stupid, but I noticed myself repeating one over the past few months. It was never an intentional decision, I just kept thinking the same phrase that seemed to fit a bunch of situations.

The mantra is: “this is where I am now.”

Depending on what part of the mantra you emphasize, it can take on different meanings. For example, if you’re in a crowded club and you desperately want to leave because clubbing is overrated, but you can’t because you promised your friends you’d stay, you can look around and think, “this is where I am now,” emphasizing that this, like all situations, is temporary.

On the other hand, when you’re standing on a mountain eight and a half thousand feet above sea level, watching the sunset turn the entire Himalayan range pink behind a panoramic view of Kathmandu, then you might think “this is where I am now,” emphasizing how special it is to be here. Maybe this phrase won’t work for everyone, but I find myself repeating it daily.

One of my biggest realizations on the trip has been this little equation:

1. Change is constant.

2. Loss always accompanies change.

3. Therefore, loss is also constant.

In short, everything is temporary, and we must consciously enjoy the moments we have. It’s like living slightly adjacent to the moment. Yes, we need to be present. But we must simultaneously be aware of the future that might not include whatever person, place, or thing we’re lucky to be experiencing right now.

“This is where I am now,” for me, bundles all these thoughts into one phrase. I like it. Maybe you will too.


Regarding the schedule: I’m going to have two more posts this year, but I can’t promise when they'll be because I’m currently off the grid without my computer.

Needless to say: Thank you for your support. We’re at thirty-eight posts now, and I’m truly grateful to have a small (but growing!) audience. Also, while I’ve remained tight-lipped about magic projects, there’s a lot in the tank, including shows in New York City and Chicago. Stay tuned!



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