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In March of 2023, Max spontaneously organized a magic show at a comedy club at called it Stand-up Magic. The show has run every month since, and now features some of the best magicians and comedians in New York. 

Stand-Up Magic currently runs to sold-out crowds on the first and third Sunday of the month at The Gutter in Williamsburg. And, as of June 8th, 2024, is monthly in Denver. 

Stand-Up Magic is unlike any magic show in New York: It’s laid back and affordable and feels more like a chill night with friends than going out to the theater. It’s ultimately a show born from love: for magic, for friends, and for fun experiences.

Max is joined by co-producer Jason Silberman in New York, Scotty Wiese in Denver, and host Tess Tregellas across both cities. 

For more details and tickets, check out

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