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Inspired by a year of quarantine and Zoom, I’m thrilled to launch my second virtual show, The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The show is all new and designed to expand your conception of reality.

Here’s what audiences say about the experience

“This was INCREDIBLE. 10/10 recommend, it will leave you questioning everything you saw.”

- S.S.

“Max truly knows how to captivate an audience over Zoom, blow your minds, and make you think twice about what you thought to be true your whole life.”

- E.N.

“HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You will NOT be disappointed!”

- C.L.

ZOOM CALLS ARE HERE TO STAY--shouldn’t they be fun?

Let’s create a Zoom call you actually want to join

Here’s how I think about virtual magic: this is a brand new medium that’s only existed for a year. Why stop? If someone told me before the pandemic that there was a magic show specifically designed for Zoom, I would’ve lept at the opportunity to see it.

I’ve spent a year—literally—learning everything I can about this platform. Virtual magic started with the question of “what magic can I show you on camera?” Now the question is: “can we do magic with the platform itself? Can we use the chat, the boxes, the screen? Items in your home? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Even if you’ve seen my virtual show before, this is entirely new. But act quick--space is extremely limited.


“I booked Max’s magic show with some friends from all over the nation. We had so much fun! It was mind boggling and very entertaining. This was definitely worth it! We loved it. I highly recommend!” - N.C.

Max just did a show for my company and it was spectacular. Our employees brought their families and everyone had a great time. This was a fantastic way to have a company "outing" to build camaraderie in these difficult times of COVID. Highly recommend Max! - R.S., CEO, Anterix

So much fun! Max was amazing at our all-company magic show happy hour over zoom. Everyone was blown away! - R.G., COO, Cella Inc.

"I've worked with Max on two virtual magic shows this year, and both have been phenomenal! Our guests are always stunned at what Max pulls off. Highly recommend Max for your virtual event entertainment needs!" - M.T., Sacramento Kings

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“Awesome virtual night in with friends across the country!"

Why Should You Come?

You’re a curious person who likes new experiences. 

You’re thinking of booking a show for your team at work, and want firsthand knowledge of what the show is like.

You want a fun and surprising date night without having to leave the house!

Each public performance of The Infinite Monkey Theorem is limited to JUST 25 SCREENS. Private shows, however, can be larger to accommodate your corporate teams. Contact Max for a custom quote. 

*Recommended for ages 14+

See what a virtual show is like!

"Max was able to bring his magic to [300+ of] our staff virtually over Zoom and provide us with amazement and wonder! I'm not sure quite how he does it, but his magic transcended as well, or better, then it may have in person. He was able to do close-up, interactive magic online and still shock all of the participants and viewers. I've seen his work in person, in a room of thousands, so being able to see magic so up close was really a treat for me and all who watched!"

-Sandra Bailey, 2U

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, what is this show?

Think of The Infinite Monkey Theorem like a theater experience, on Zoom. It’s a full story, told from beginning to end, that you are a part of. 

Q: Why are public shows limited to 25 screens?

The 25 screen limit for public shows ensures that each attendee will be seen and heard during the performance. The best magic is interactive, and the 25 screen limit keeps the show intimate. 

Q: Can my kids come?

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is NOT recommended for children 13 and younger. While there is no foul or offensive language, it is a sophisticated show created for adult audiences. 

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Q: Is virtual magic even good?

Here’s what Max’s audiences have to say: 

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